Quarterback coach Leon Clarke

EST. 2004

Quarterback coach Leon Clarke has trained some of the tri-state most highly recruited quarterbacks. Taking them from the early stages of development into next level quarterbacks. We have embraced the roll as true developers training athletes who are passionate and want to compete at the highest level.

We have been training quarterbacks since 2004 and have witnessed many of our athletes earn scholarships. Our training is renowned and has earned the respect of many college coaches including the NFL. The beauty about the academy is no quarterback is the same, one size does not fit all. Every quarterback has a unique way of throwing or playmaking ability. So we focus on doing more by doing less mechanically.

To win on any level you must train consistently if you want to succeed. This known fact is the reason our quarterbacks are prepared to survive in the most challenging environments. “Our only purpose is to make you an elite passer no matter the level of football your’e playing.” – Leon Clarke

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